My twosome is two.

I’m not sure how this happened or who gave them permission to get older, but time keeps marching on and they keeping changing. (On a related note, The Pip Squeak is currently enamored with the word “No” and The Wild Imp told me to “Zip it” last week).

Anyway, I’ve got a double-purpose for this post. Not only to share their cute little birthday faces, but also to tell you about their most favorite book: BOY + BOT by Ame Dyckman & illustrated by Dan Yaccorino.




It is SUCH a favorite in our house that they had a BOY+BOT+BIRTHDAY party.



WHY am I tell you this?

Well, not only because the answer to “Do you need this book in your life?” is AFFIRMATIVE, but also because it’s up for GoodReads Choice Best Picture Book of 2012. And TODAY is the very last day you can vote.

Go do so NOW:

Or you’ll make this little robot cry

New Uses for Glowsticks — Lessons from Hurricane Sandy

So, the YAmazing Race ended on Monday, but my power decided to shut itself off before I could choose a winner.

Let me tell you, a few days without electricity and I’ve got a new appreciation for Tesla and Edison. Also, I’m apparently an Old Dog because I could NOT break myself of the habit of flipping on light switches– despite the fact that my other hand held a flashlight.

Though I may not be able to learn new tricks, I do give myself mad points for repurposing the glow sticks we’d bought for Halloween.

My top 3 uses for glowsticks:


1) Locating door handles.

2) Booklight

3) Schmidtlet tracking devices.


Anyway, now that you’ve admired my genius idea and my offspring, let me give you what you’re really here for: The Winner!!

A great big round of applause for…

*insert mental drumroll*

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  Congratulations, Tammy! Not a bad choice of candy, either!