Pre-order promotion for Bookish Boyfriends

WHAT: A hand written note by yours truly (decorated by the Schmidtlets) and a set of the truly gorgeous stickers pictured above—one with a quote from Pride & Prejudice, the other a quote from Bookish Boyfriends

WHERE: Mailed to YOU, if you pre-order a copy of Bookish Boyfriends (US addresses only)

WHO: The super talented JENN REESE* designed the gorgeous stickers. I will write the note 🙂 A Schmidtlet will decorate it.

HOW: Email proof of purchase AND your address to SendMeASignBook at Gmail dot com. I will email back to confirm receipt.

WHEN: I’ll accept receipts up until May 1st (release day). Stickers and notes will go out in the mail as I receive proof of purchase.

 Questions?? Ask via email or on Instagram or Twitter (@TiffanySchmidt)

This is my way of saying THANK YOU to all the readers who have promoted and supported and cheered this book along its journey. Bookish Boyfriends is my love song to readers and teachers and my favorite authors. I’m so grateful to all the kindred spirits out there who love the smell of books, have waited in line at midnight release parties, keep a book in every bag, and have dreamed of their own bookish boyfriend…

To anyone attending the release party at Doylestown Bookshop on May 5th, there’s no need to submit a receipt, you can pick up your stickers there!

*Make sure to check out Jenn Reese’s other designs and other Obstinate, Headstrong items ! 

Click to purchase:
Doylestown Bookshop (signed copies–add personalization notes in the comments section of your order)

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