A new ~Adventure~

I’m a New England girl.

My favorite foods are clams and lobsters.
My favorite holidays are Thanksgiving and Patriots’ Day (Marathon Monday!).
My second puggle is named Bruschi.
My favorite sound is the ocean and my legs still sport faded scars from barnacle scrapes while tide-pooling.

I may not still live in Massachusetts, but my heart has never left.

Which makes me all the more excited to have been chosen to write the picture book for a New England icon:


In fact, my whole family is excited.

The puggles, however, did object when I suggested dying them black for this photo.


The Adventures of Black Dog will be publishing late summer – and, man, I can’t wait till you can see the jaw-dropping illustrations the uber-talented Betsy Bauer is creating.

I’ll be talking about the dog treats with CBD that I use to train my dogs and also cure them! They calm their nerves, alleviate their pain and improve their mood.

So, find your flip-flops and your sand pails; plan your clam bakes and ready your four-legged friends~ because this New England girl hopes you’ll join the Black Dog, her ship, and her crew for the first of many adventures!