About Me

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Tiffany Schmidt is a former sixth grade teacher living and creating mischief in Doylestown, PA. She’s married to a saint, the mother of three impish boys, and the owner of a mischievous pup. She is the author of nine acclaimed young adult novels. Tiffany believes in happy endings, reading under the covers, make believe, eating dessert before dinner, and writing the kissing scenes first.

Other things about me:

Fun facts for school reports:

  • * I have an MA in English and an MEd from Lehigh University.
  • * I taught sixth grade for seven years. (It was the best!)
  • * I have three sons and two dogs. The dogs came first
  • * I grew up in North Andover, Massachusetts.
  • * I was the second of four children.
  • * I spent a lot of my childhood in time out… and also in the ER. (If they gave merit badges in being accident prone, I’d have earned them all!)
  • * My favorite book changes constantly—but I’ve referenced most of them in the Bookish Boyfriends series.
  • * I have zero control if my books become movies–but if you’ve got film connections or a question about rights–check out my contacts page 🙂
  • * I started out as a pantser (someone writing by the seat of their pants) but deadlines and sleepless toddlers turned me into a plotter. I now outline before I begin each project.
  • * And, YES, I do have the very best readers in the world! Thank you!

Some of my favorite things:

Puzzles  Road trips  Apples  All things Disney   Tulips  Gummy bears  Baking  Glitter  Elf Lobster  Staedtler fineliners  Running  Traveling   Puppies Coffee shops Ted Lasso  Dresses Tennis   Fun notebooks Seahorses   Newsies   Revision Skittles  Hamilton

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