The final book in the Bookish Boyfriends series comes out 1/19/21

The game’s afoot in the next book of the Bookish Boyfriends series—this time starring Huck and Winston!

After Ms. Gregoire assigns the works of Sherlock Holmes in English class, a mystery deepens at Reginald R. Hero High. Huck and Win—Curtis’s younger brother—team up to solve the case . . . and while the sleuths gather clues, another swoon-worthy romance blooms in the school halls. Perfect for younger readers of YA or older readers of middle grade, this squeaky-clean series is sure to charm any reader who’s ever had a book boyfriend of their own.


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“Narration is spot-on and frequently hilarious.” ~Kirkus

“Romantics will fall for this winning romp with serious undertones.” ~ Kirkus

“The latest in Schmidt’s popular Bookish Boyfriends series is a generally lighthearted romance with appealing characters and a rather mild mystery that takes a backseat to the boys’ burgeoning relationship.” ~Booklist

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