Get A Clue – Bookish Boyfriends 4

Don’t miss the final book in the acclaimed Bookish Boyfriends  series

The game’s afoot in the next book of the Bookish Boyfriends series—this time starring Huck and Winston!


After Ms. Gregoire assigns the works of Sherlock Holmes in English class, a mystery deepens at Reginald R. Hero High. Huck and Win—Curtis’s younger brother—team up to solve the case . . . and while the sleuths gather clues, another swoon-worthy romance blooms in the school halls.


Perfect for younger readers of YA or older readers of middle grade, this squeaky-clean series is sure to charm any reader who’s ever had a book boyfriend of their own.

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“Narration is spot-on and frequently hilarious.” ~Kirkus


“Romantics will fall for this winning romp with serious undertones.” ~ Kirkus


“The latest in Schmidt’s popular Bookish Boyfriends series is a generally lighthearted romance with appealing characters and a rather mild mystery that takes a backseat to the boys’ burgeoning relationship.” ~Booklist