7) River trips have their own language.

7) The Language of the River.

I spent a good part of the trip having no idea what anyone was talking about. This glossary should be about 12 zillion words long but A) I procrastinated in writing it and forgot most of them B) I tend to tune out things I don’t understand, so…

Anyway, here is river-language, according to me.

Groover – A box that is pooped in. So I hear. Not that I would know. Ewwww!

High Side – A command that means throw yourself at whatever part of the raft Capt. D points too. I was glad we never had to actually use this command b/c I am convinced I would have overzealously thrown myself OUT of the boat and onto whatever obstacle we were trying to skirt.

Kubb – My new favorite beach game. It involves throwing things at other things and knocking them down. It also has a castle. I’m good at falling down. I like castles. I don’t throw very accurately, but no one seemed to mind.

PFD – Personal Flotation Device. You and I know this as a “life vest.” I called it a PDF by accident at least twice a day.

Master Blaster – It has a flame and makes the coffee. That’s all I needed to know.

Throw Bag – This is a bag that is, um, thrown when someone goes overboard. But before you throw it, you have to make sure that you hold on to one end…

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3 Replies to “7) River trips have their own language.”

  1. FEARLESS summer has morphed into FEARLESS fall! ~*~ But next time, misdirect people so they *accidently* drive thru Denver! This can be achieved by singing, or talking nonstop about Rainbow Brite…now excuse me, I have to go buy a Master Blaster before camping next week. Bai!

  2. I think I would totally be awesome at Kubb. Just sayin’. Or not. But that I would enjoy it immensely. THROWING THINGS AT THINGS?! I am so there.

  3. Emily – Man! I would’ve mailed you my Disco flashlight. If you turn it on INSIDE a tent, it looks like an space ship is landing. Hours of entertainment. It also has a nightlight function for those of us that are *ahem* scared of the dark.

    Courtney – Kubb at 2010BigYApple? I totally think the hotel would be okay with us setting this up in the hallway.

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