Blithe thoughts… & Blythe names?

Sitting beside me right now is something spectacular; I can’t stop petting it. It’s the best Summer Present from the best husband ever: a Sony E-book Reader. But it needs a name. I need your help!

I’ve been wanting one of these for ages, but the moment it became essential was when my colleague, Mr. Techie, let me borrow his (link to zombie blog). As soon as I flicked the power switch, it was too late. I’d been infected with I-need-an-ebook-syndrome. INAEBS has many symptoms, they include envy, whining, and hours spent researching different brands.

The cure to INAEBS would also cure me of another dangerous ailment: I-need-a-certain-book-NOW virus . Where now is 2 AM and the bookstore doesn’t open until 9:30.

I pointed this out to St. Matt: “Think how much happier I’d be if as soon as I finished one book, I could download the next.”
To which he responded, “You’d never sleep again.”
“But, but…” I had no argument. He had a point.

This week he suddenly relented. I called during recess, sang him a silly made-up ebook reader song, and e-mailed him a coupon Mr. Techie had found me. St. Matt responded with: “It’ll be there when you get home tonight.”

Wait! What?

Only the store was sold out so I had to wait until today when we went and picked it up together. And now I’m happy and can’t stop patting it.

I think my song did him in. Or my winning argument was pointing out we have TWO vacations planned for this summer and reminding him that no matter how many books I pack, I always run out mid-trip. “Do you remember our honeymoon and how hard it was to hunt down an bookstore in Sicily that had books in English?”

(Not that I expect this to be a problem in New Mexico or Canada, but it made my point).

Now that it’s charging next to me, there are some vital things I need to do:

1) Pick out a case. I’m thinking something pink & green.
2) Download the software & read the manual
3) Pick out my first books

The Sony seems male to me, so I’ve been compiling boys’ names: Fergus, Gustav, Nemoy…

So far my favorite is Gilbert. As in Gilbert Blythe, because:

A) He’s awesome and put up with A LOT from Anne (he kinda reminds me of St. Matt).
B) I’m going back to P.E.I. in August. The drive to get there is so long
that half the car would need be packed with books to keep me occupied. It was either get me an ebook reader or leave St. Matt’s golf clubs behind.

Have fun on the links, Love. I’ll be curled up with [name of new ebook reader to be finalized] and I’ll see you when you get home.

So Gilbert’s the front runner. Do you approve? Any ideas on where to get #1 or what I should choose for #3?

*pets possibly-Gilbert lovingly*

7 Replies to “Blithe thoughts… & Blythe names?”

  1. You have a wonderful husband! And I like Gilbert. Gilbert is a good name. As long as St. Matt doesn’t mind you spending that much time with another man, that is. 😉

  2. So tell me…does this thing allow you to comment CP-style? If so…I MIGHT NEED ONE. S is such a tech junkie, I could say it was for him and then never let him have it! WIN!

    I cannot even name my novel. I don’t feel qualified to name your ereader! 🙁

  3. Linda – I DO! I’m very, very lucky. Of course, he also realizes that if I’m curled up with Gilbert, I’m less likely to get myself in trouble 🙂

    Emily – I don’t think so (don’t know all the fancy-schmancy tricks yet). But I can take your MS and put in on there… so that’s pretty cool.

    Irish – The book bully strikes AGAIN! I love that you went out and bought one too. I LOVE that it’s red and you named it ANNE. It is decided, mine will be GILBERT! Now keep Anne away from raspberry cordial 🙂 And tell her no breaking slates over Gilbert’s head, er, screen.

  4. I’ve been wanting one for YEARS…your coupon made it possible. so thanks for that. =) I also cannot control what ANNE might do if GILBERT decides to call her Carrottop…

  5. Courtney, Gilbert it is! Showed it to the kiddos yesterday and told them about the etymology of the name – Not a single one of them has read A of GG! Shocking! Thou, more shocking was when they asked if we could read it after we finish UGLIES… at what point do you think they’ll figure out we only have 2.5 days of school left?

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