Character Challenge – Part Two (Matching Quiz)

YA and middle-grade authors must have a penchant for unusual names, which is a good thing because I tend to forget character names unless they’re unusual. Scout from To Kill a Mockingbird, I’ll never forget her. Atticus either. But if Boo Radley had been named Ben? Would I have remembered him?

So, as a challenge, I’ve listed some of the more unusual names from some of my favorite books. Most of them are middle-grade or YA. Although, it was pointed out to me that Percy could also be from Harry Potter & Capricorn from Inkheart… maybe some of these names aren’t as unusual as I thought!

How many can you identify? I’ll post the answers on Friday. Have fun!

How many could you identify? If you’ve got a reason to brag, brag. If you’ve got a reason to be embarrassed, ’fess up!

What great names did I forget? I’m sure there are many, many more!

2 Replies to “Character Challenge – Part Two (Matching Quiz)”

  1. Nothing to brag about. I only got 8 without googling, and there were books on there I read and couldn’t match with a name! How sad is that?

  2. 1. G
    2. K
    3. B
    5. Q
    6. R
    8. F
    9. L
    10. J
    11. H
    12. M
    15. I
    16. A
    18. E
    19. C

    I have never read C, D, I, J, L, O, and P!!! Don’t hate me.

    You are forgetting all of the wonderful names from Hilary McKay’s books! Such as Saffron, Indigo, and Caddy/Cadmium!
    Also Caddie Woodlawn.
    Tender Morsels had Branza, Liga, and Urdda, all females.
    What about Shay and Tally?? And so many others, Scott rocks at cool names.

    You are killing me with letter N. I am wracking my brain and coming up with nothing. PLEASE TO TELL BEFORE I DIE!

    Also I am sad that I can’t figure out letter S.

    Ok time to stop obsessing. You better tell me what I got right and wrong before I scream. Break out a purple pen! 😉

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