Favorite Author Blogs (Time sucking vortexes part 2)

Sometimes I need a little writing inspiration. Or at least to feel like I’m not the only one who types instead of sleeps, thinks of my characters as people, and occasionally considers throwing my computer out the window.

When I do, I turn to my favorite author websites and blogs. I’m sharing a sampling of them below, but consider yourself warned: it’s easy to get sucked in and spend hours clicking link after link.

 Libba Bray – http://www.libbabray.com/ – Each time I read her blog I remember why I love her books so much. Her voice just shouts off the computer screen and I constantly find myself nodding and going, ‘me too.’ As in, you’ve also been banned from watching House because you diagnosis yourself with every pathogen that appears on the screen? I thought I was the only one!

Ally Carter – http://www.allycarter.com/ – She sounds adorable and she really interacts with her fans. I love that she started a book club for her fans and when she shares information on her upcoming novels. (I can’t wait to not judge a girl by her cover)

Sara Crowe – http://acrowesnest.blogspot.com/ – Sara’s technically an agent. And the blog isn’t technically just hers. It’s a blog where many of the different authors she represents as well as people throughout the industry share advice and experiences. It’s excellent writing and advice. I share parts of it with my students, and parts I print and share with other writers.

Shannon Hale – http://www.squeetus.com/stage/main.html – She offers great writing advice and has such a great website. It’s so well organized and contains so much information. Great links and resources.

Susan Beth Pfeffer- http://susanbethpfeffer.blogspot.com/ – Her blog has been so interesting because it shares all the different directions she’s considered for the third book in the Moon Crash trilogy. She actually has blog posts that include spoilers (but they’re labeled so that people who’d rather wait can be surprised). I haven’t seen another author who has shared so much about the process of writing/publishing – including the bad news, dead ends, and startovers.

Scott Westerfeld – www.scottwesterfeld.com – You know it’s gotta be awesome because Scott named it the ‘Westerblog.’ Although that’s not the only reason I read it! Check it out yourself to find out why.