Lessons from the River – My FEARLESS Adventure

Fearless doesn’t mean without fear . Okay, technically it does, but for the purpose of Fearless Summer it means acknowledging that something is scary or difficult and then *gulp* doing it anyway.

What could be scarier or more challenging than ME on a 5-day Whitewater rafting trip through the Gates of Lodore in Colorado and Utah? (Admit it, you were a little scared when you saw the words Tiffany & Whitewater together).


Lessons Learned on the River:

2) What a groover is. If you don’t know, you probably don’t want to.

3) If you scream like horror-flick blonde, you will get made fun of around the campfire.

4) When things go wrong on the river, they go wrong fast and they go really wrong.

5) If you haven’t used your underwater camera in a year – check it before going shutterbuggy.

6) Braids are the ideal river hairstyle.

7) River trips have their own language.

8) Camping requires lots of STUFF

Don’t we look rather FEARLESS? Okay, really we just look amused…. but there was plenty of fearlessness occurring too. And it was, most definitely, an ADVENTURE!

6 Replies to “Lessons from the River – My FEARLESS Adventure”

  1. So I keep waiting for the “elaboration” and more pics, but I’ll just have to *nudge* you, I guess! 🙂

    …okay and I KNOW what you’re doing instead of blogging, so just consider this me yanking your chain. *\o/*

  2. I think you are a river rafting super star and I would take you with us again any time.

    That part about things going really wrong, really fast is about me isn’t it? Scary!

    Happy, fearless thoughts I am sending you from Salt Lake City.


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