Restless ME Syndrome

I have RMS. It’s a second-cousin of Restless Legs Syndrome. This one is Restless ME Syndrome and it has one cause: forced separation from my WIP.

Last Sunday I finished my first draft of TBALMCSAP. ~*Hooray*~!

But then comes the waiting… I like to think waiting two weeks between writing the last word on a draft and beginning revisions gives me a bit of detachment and objectivity.

Or, I like to think that when I’m NOT in the two week waiting period. Waiting stinks. Stinks like sixth graders post-recess in May.

I’m itching to crack open the file. I’m craving the feeling of my purple editing pen against still-warm-from-the-printer pages.

And I’m telling myself: no. wait. be patient. (Apparently I don’t know myself very well)

So what do I do in the meantime? There are still 7 more days ‘til I’ll let myself play with TBALMCSAP again; I need something to fill up the hours that normally would have been spent defining the W in WIP.

I signed up for BEDA. I stocked up on books. I made the haircut appointment I’ve been forgetting to schedule since October. I’m attacking piles of grading. I’m in negotiations with my ankle about running without pain. I’m heading to NYC tomorrow to see an A-squad of writers (which, let’s be honest, is only going to make me more anxious to tackle TBALMCSAP). I’m filling hours and counting them down.

But mostly, I’m driving St. Matt nuts because the only real cure for RMS is writing.

Seven days…

Suggestions/ Distraction Fairies welcome.

3 Replies to “Restless ME Syndrome”

  1. Read Bliss…started it recently. awesome read so far. Need to kick my own distraction fairy (aka the interwebs) and spend more time with it. Next up for me will be Willow, had nice email from author thanking me for buying her book & other nice words. Love direct contact from authors. Never gets old & always makes me feel a little giddy inside.

  2. From now until next Thurs, feel free to send your distraction fairy my way…

    I’ll pick up Bliss tomorrow when I’m at Books of Wonder seeing Lisa McMann, Cassie Clare, Elizabeth Scott & Beth Fantskey *squeee* I will be feeling v. giddy 🙂 (and of course I’ll tweet & blog it!)

  3. I’m jealous. I should have planned ahead and thought a bit when Lisa McMann said she’d be in NYC. Could have driven to CT and taken the metro rail in. Then I could have been part of the author stalking too.

    Next time!

    Look forward to your pics. I started Enthusiasm on drive home from seeing parents today. Now I need to run off find a poem for tomorrow and then get back to reading Bliss. It has scary font in it. Never known a font to be scary before. But it is!

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