I’d originally planned to only offer SEND ME A SIGN bookplates for the holiday season… but that doesn’t seem fair!

Oh, so pretty!

How can I penalize people who didn’t know Santa would be leaving a copy under their tree or beside their menorah? And, dude, if you want to use a holiday giftcard to buy yourself a copy, well, then I adore you a little bit. (okay, a LOT).

So basically this is my ongoing THANK YOU to my readers!

Just fill out the form below** and I’ll pop a bookplate and bookmark in the mail for you.***

Happy reading!


* Yes, I AM absurdly proud of the title of this post.
** If you can’t get the form to work, feel free to email your address me via the form on my Contact Page
***And because postage gets expensive, I’m going to restrict this to U.S., Canada & Mexico. Sorry!

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