The Future of Publishing?

Everywhere I look online someone seems to have a new opinion about the future of publishing.  Some are holding up the success of self-published books like Still Alice, but others are quick to point out that these successes are the exception in a sea of less-than-mediocre self-indulgence.  Some people point to publication on demand and other laud the Kindle and other e-readers. 

You can find lists of the layoffs, restructuring, and acquisition freezes at the major publishing houses.  The delayed release of other brands of e-book readers is also disappointing news. 

And as a writer seeking an agent, where do I go with all of this conflicting and depressing information? 

No where.  It doesn’t affect what I do.  I still sit at my laptop and create worlds in my mind.  I still bleed words onto paper and seek to self-promote through blogs, tweets, and forums.  I’ll continue to hone my skills through feedback groups and workshops.  My query, synopsis, and competitive analysis will still benefit from polishing.  I’m sure as heck not going to stop shopping my YA novel FLASH. 

Whether it’s P.O.D.’d, or e-booked, or rolled out with a smaller initial print run, it’ll still be my book.  I can’t change how publishing evolves, but I stay educated, optimistic, prepared, and proactive.  Regardless of how it changes, quality literature will always be sought and shared. 

And I’ll keep spilling words and worlds onto pages – because I can’t seem to stop.  I don’t want to.