This IS A Post About Italy

I leave for the airport in 9 hours for the Goldblatt Agency retreat. I still haven’t packed – this surprises no one – and I still haven’t blogged about the Italian adventures that took place between my last two airport experiences.

Some of you have been demanding photographic evidence of the trip – and pictures of the Twin Belly. I can satisfy both requests simultaneously – and quickly – and then go pack!

Sorrento – and a Twin Belly! That’s because after 48 hours after WE got to Sorrento, our luggage finally caught up with us. I’ve never been so happy to change clothing.

Capri – The island is gorgeous. And hilly. LOOK how hilly. I was a brave little trouper and made it DOWN the hills, but we need a taxi to cart the Twin Belly back up.

Naples – There are castles in Naples. CASTLES.

Castles make me curtsey.
And, no worries, St. Matt came, too!

Packing. Now. Really.

8 Replies to “This IS A Post About Italy”

  1. Love the pics! Your Twin Belly is adorable. 🙂

    Hope you’re having a blast at the retreat. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  2. You are too CUTE! And what a beautiful picture of you *glowing* in Sorrento. 🙂 Glad you guys could get away for this trip before the Twin Belly turns into Twin Distraction Fairies! ~*~

  3. Linda – The Twin Belly is on some crazy growth spurt this week. My toes are no longer visible. The contents of the twin belly maybe be adorable, but IT no longer is 😉

    Emily – Ahhh! Twin Distraction Fairies?! Auntie Em is free to babysit weekly, right?

    Irish – *mwah* See you soon!

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