Twitter-cation Comes with Umbrella-Drinks, Right?

It feels weird not to check Twitter before bed.

This the tweet I almost posted last night – before I remembered that in order to do so, I’d have to log-in to Twitter.

Immediately afterward I debated whether I was allowed to read e-mail notifications of DM’s. (Can I?)

This could be a long week.

When I saw Nova Ren Suma discussing a Twitter-cation last week, I thought, how sad! I’ll miss her and Tiffany Trent’s commentary. Then others climbed aboard and I thought, how brave.

Last night Tye and Victoria asked me if I was in, and, demonstrating my absolute inability to resist peer-pressure, I caved.

It feels weird.

My mind automatically forms sub-140 character soundbites:

Who was the idiot who decided orange and cranberry belong in the same muffin?

Confession: I have officially eaten more Revision Skittles than we distributed to trick-or-treaters.

Has anyone read GIRL IN THE ARENA? I like the story, but am struggling with the lack of “”marks.

How will I share my excitement about the new Jesse McCartney song “Body Language”? Or confess my St. Matt-mocked crush on him? Or share how I caught St. Matt humming the tune after I played it on repeat for an hour. *gigglefit*

The worst part, however, will be not knowing what’s going on with everyone else. So if you could all e-mail me regular updates of your day, that’d be great. I won’t even limit you to 140 characters.

15 Replies to “Twitter-cation Comes with Umbrella-Drinks, Right?”

  1. We should have umbrella drinks! Why don’t we have umbrella drinks?

    I feel so out of touch right now… and it’s just been one single day!

  2. Hi Tiffany,
    Re: Girl in the Arena. You know, we live in a world of abbreviations and quick symbols. We text, we LOL. So if you can, think of that hyphen or dash that indicates dialogue as just a quick and easy way to mark the page when someone’s talking.
    Have a good night.
    Lise Haines

  3. Lise – thanks for stopping by! I’m sucked into Girl in the Arena and it was great to hear your explanation for the -‘s vs. “‘s. I found it jarring at first, but now I’m too engrossed in the plot to notice.

  4. Gee it really is FUN over here on the Twitter by myself…oh HAI Courtney, Linda and Susan! Where are Tiff, V, and Scott??

    LOLOL Good luck with NaNOTwittMo or…whatever you’re calling it. We’ll be here to pat your shoulders and dry your tears when you can’t take it anymore, BB. ;D

  5. I found you! Without Twitter no less:) it’s a miracle!
    Today has been tough…however, you and Victoria and your chipper emails have made it way easier:)

    Umbrella drinks and cupcakes for everyone!!

    Urghum….if we fail, will they *looks over shoulder* laugh at us:(
    will we become objects of derision and gasp, scorn?! 🙁

    Tye x

  6. Because I don’t want to TEMPT you back out of your Dedicated T******-cation, I won’t even MENTION the word T******. I also won’t mention any of the LURID GOSSIP over there, because that would just be CRUEL of me. (Don’t worry. Not ALL of the T****** gossip is about you.)

    Hang in there. *evil grin*

  7. You are brave to take a Twitter-cation although I will miss your LOL-inspiring tweets. Hang in there and be strong.

    P.S. My mind automatically writes 140 statements now too.

  8. Emily – you’re MEAN

    Linda – You’re MEANER

    (Now I just need someone to be MEANEST and this is a lesson in comparative/superlative adjectives).

    Not that I want a MEANEST. I’m already suffering, there’s not need to torment me! *sniff*

  9. My friends are also being mean….though they are TOO chicken to do it publicly via comments, they are using text messages 🙁

    Hurrumphhh! Fine, now Im REALLY determined to do this! Whose with me!!! Yup, Cupcakes 🙂

    Tye x

  10. This may mean you’ll need to invent an umbrella drink with Skittles in it! Necessity is the mother of invention!

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