TWO-Minute Update

I’m living my life in twos right now.
  • Two bassinets perched at the end of my bed.
  • Two binks to locate when they drop from two little mouths.
  • Two bottoms to diaper and two million loads of laundry to keep them covered.
  • Two distinctly different cries that correspond to two very different personalities.
  • Two downy heads to kiss and two sets of ears to fill with whispers of your mommy loves you so very much. 
Two little Schmidtlets who are two months old!*

Baby A & Baby B – aka Acorn & Bean Sprout – aka Asher & Brad, arrived on November 16th.

Since then they’ve been busy making St.Matt and me the two happiest people in the world.
*which means this post is two months overdue, but in my defense, they were two months early in arriving.

8 Replies to “TWO-Minute Update”

  1. Two thumbs up for this post! 😉 So glad you & the boys are doing well. Can’t wait to meet them (& read to them)!
    <3 to you all.

  2. Tiff – I can’t wait for you to meet them either and to pick your brain about books I’ve missed. They are the luckiest boys alive to have you as their personal librarian 🙂

    Linda – <3

    Jess – Thanks and congratulations! That’s a great name.

  3. They are gorgeous! I am so glad to hear all is well. They are the luckiest little boys in the world. I miss you, but I am basking in your evident joy. Hugs, Hugs.

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