What-will-I-do-this-summer? Suggestions welcome.

Whatever temperature today was, it’s my favorite. I needed to apply sunblock before post-school lounging in the backyard with a book. There was more than spring in the air, there was a touch of summer as well.

There’s only 37 days of school left as well – less than Lent.

Clearly it’s time to start making my summer list.

Last June-July I participated in the National Writing Project. Between that and four months of thrice-weekly 2-hour long physical therapy sessions, my summer wasn’t my own.

2009 hasn’t been gentle with me so far, but I’m claiming this summer as my own. No classes, no commitments. Time to read, write, recharge, relax, and re-learn how to sleep.

But apart from those lofty goals and the typical kayaking, tennis, ice-cream making, badminton playing, I need some other things to fill my day.

In no particular order, here’s my work-in-progress list:

 Watch Dr. Who (and figure out what all the fuss is about)
 Go to P.E.I. with the family (& re-read all of the Anne books before/during)
 Vacation with J-bean and Drew (Albuquerque? Vancouver? Denver? … tbd)
 Jack’s Mannequin & the Fray concert
 Read
 Write
 Throw the Austen party I’ve been promising for years
 Complete a 5-mile race (check out my self-restraint, it says 5-mile, not marathon)
 Catch up on the entire season of Gossip Girl
 Read
 Write
 Learn Italian
 Take a pottery class
 Re-read House of Leaves and book club it with Dad
 Host a Harry Potter movie-marathon before HP6 comes out
 Quality puggle-hammock snuggle time
 Read
 Write
 Go to the drive-in (oooo, possibly for Harry Potter 6!)

It’s not a very long list so far. Luckily we have 37 more school days to add to it. Suggestions?

9 Replies to “What-will-I-do-this-summer? Suggestions welcome.”

  1. Sounds great! My usual summer plan is a big pile of books, a hammock, and a tall glass of ice tea. I might steal some of these ideas though. What’s an Austen party? I’m intrigued.

  2. 1. can we throw in a trip to NYC for a Broadway show?

    2. Austen party? ooh, what does this entail?

    3. HP marathon? I’m in!

    4. where is there a drive-in?!? around here??? why did i not know about it?
    if you see HP6 there i want to come. however, will be away for camp when movie comes out and back a week later [july 21 i think]. so if you can’t wait, which i expect, will you see it again with me? k thanks 🙂

    5. don’t forget our every-other tuesday night hangouts…i’m thinking like go to a different bookstore everytime? i have 5 in mind already!

  3. watching Doctor Who is a must…and once you get through all the seasons you probably should check out Torchwood which is a spin off of the series starting Captain Jack Harkness.

    feel free to pick me up on your way to PEI, i’ve never been but have always wanted to go. always got vetoed when time came to chose family vacay. =( only one I won was DC, but that coincided with a cousin’s wedding so not sure ‘win’ is the right term.

    HP marathon sounds like a ton of fun! Meeting a bunch of friends in DC for HP6 screening. Can’t wait! And an Austen party? Very curious about what that would entail. And makes me a tad bit jealous I don’t live in PA.

    I’m going to the Fray concert too. Love them!! Friends and I have extra ticket for concert here in MA if you are around that weekend. 😉

  4. Lindsay – An Austen party is whatever you want it to be – as long as what you want it to be is lots of fun and lots of Austen movies, match the quote w/the book trivia and other fun Austen-esque frivolity.

    Andrea – If I don’t have a schedule, I call St.Matt every 5 minutes. He discourages this.

    T.O.T. (this might be a winner of a nickname)
    1) Yes.
    2)See above
    3)Invite will follow
    4)There’s two by Lehigh. I’ll go twice. (I’m NOT patient, you know this)

    Gail -Torchwood will be added to the list conditionally. First I have to see if I like Dr.Who. PEI, anytime. Is Jack’s Mannequin opening for the Fray at your concert? B/c if so, I might be tempted…

    Emily – We’ll see! It’s on the list of possibilities. And we’d have to go to Claimjumpers and get the chocolate chip sugar overload thing I got there last time… Feel free to go do research

  5. Jack’s Mannequin and Richard Swift will be opening. Concert @7pm on 21 June at the former Tweeter Center. We have extra ticket and having a harder time than it should be finding someone to take it.

    You’ll also love Doctor Who. If not…well…then I can’t think about that right now.

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