Mickey Mischief

Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone, but the last time I went to Disney World I was a toxic visitor.

I was 7. The trip was my First Holy Communion present – or just conveniently timed so the two events are linked in my mind. My memories of the religious ceremony are hazy – fever hazy – a white dress with a pink sash, a flower wreath settled on foam-curler ringlets, a honey ham, all my relatives.

I didn’t feel well. I didn’t want honey ham or jello mold or even dinner mints I’d have to sneak off the tray. I tried telling my mom – but she was busy changing a diaper or taking lemon squares out of the oven. Dad was talking and making drinks – he told me to run along and play.

I stumbled along and played, but without my usual impish vigor. After all the guests left I collapsed – pretty dress, curled hair, flower wreath and all – on the kitchen floor.

Chicken pox!

But we already had the trip planned – non-refundable flights, vacations forms completed and homework collected, park tickets. So I went to Disney and spread love and germs on Small World. My spots were natural camouflage on the Jungle Cruise

This trip I wasn’t contagious. It was quick; a last minute surprise getaway from St. Matt for our 5th Anniversary.* On the 4th of July St. Matt wanted to get to the park early and stay late to see the fireworks. Since we both know that I was not going to be able to handle 14 hours of straight ride-riding, it was a given I’d pack a book.

But which? I’d packed four different paper volumes and loaded a bunch onto Gilbert in preparation for the trip. Since I couldn’t make up my mind, I brought three: Tenth Grade Bleeds, Eyes Like Stars and Prophesy of the Sisters.

As we ferried over to the Magic Kingdom at 8:00 AM, I had a brainstorm. No, an inspiration. I had three great books by three fabulous authors, I was going to the most magical place in the world…. PHOTO OPPORTUNITY!**

It was like a reverse scavenger hunt. Instead of finding the books, I was finding fun places to photograph them. I scrambled all over the park feeling gleeful and mischievous. We got a few curious looks, but no one stopped or questioned us.

Of course, there was also ride-riding and confection eating and even some pausing to do some actual reading.

And there were fireworks too!

The only downside of the whole day was:

But this just means we’ll have to come back again soon.

*Have I mentioned lately that I have the BEST husband ever?
**St. Matt balked for all of 3 seconds, but I threatened him with the Tiki Room if he didn’t participate.

4 Replies to “Mickey Mischief”

  1. This totally made me LOL! Thanks so much for taking my book on vacation.

    I’m a terrible book parent and have no time for a summer vacation. My poor book would have sat home, bored, all summer long.

    Plus, now my scrapped ARC cover is immortalized at Disenyyyyy!

  2. Space Mountain was…CLOSED???

    *lip quivers*

    This is so weird because I was sick in Disney World too!! I don’t remember what I had, only beach + fever = NO fun for a five year-old. 🙁 We visited the Disney Medical Station. 😛 But luckily this all happened AFTER I’d ridden Space Mountain at least three times. 😀 😀 My 5yo self guarantees its awesomeness bb, you MUST go back!!

  3. T.O.T. – we will have to plan a reverse scavenger hunt next time we’re together 🙂

    Michelle – I think I’ll try using the updated cover as an excuse to go back! I mean, with Space Mountain closed and the new cover, that’s totally enough justification for a another trip *wink*

    Emily – I know! It’s my favorite ride too! Between the two of us, I wonder how many Disney visitors were infected in the mid-80’s. We should tag-team St.S and St.Matt and get them to plan a joint-trip. Oh, the mischief that would result *grins*

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